"Phronimos" means people who lead innovation.
Phronimos: The People Who Lead Innovation (to appear in January, 2009)

You may not know the word of Phronimos. Perhaps, some of you who are knowledgeable for Greece History/Cognitive Theory may know the word of Phronesis.

The person who coined the word of Phronesis was Aristotle and he meant this was 'Prudence', or 'Practical Wisdom'. He also coined the word of Phronimos and he meant this was as a person who practiced, 'Practical Wisdom'. He meant this word for the more important meaning, that is, a person who leads innovation. Actually, in his writing, he called Pericles, a politician of Athens who lead every one of the Athens be very innovative at that time.

As you know, Aristotle was a pupil of Plato, and Plato was a pupil of Socrates. Socrates was the first person who think what is human being, wisdom, beauty and to live well and so on. He had done this in order to investigate what are the conditions for human beings as to be innovative. He had found at least part of the conditions, and he called these as virtues (arete). Then, he tried to educate people to have these virtues. It is a starting point of Phronimos Education. Plato succeeded in Socrates' efforts and then, Aristotle.

We are facing the era of Great Leap Forward, that is Paradigm Shift if we use the word of Thomas Kuhn. Yes, we are facing financial crisis, climate changes, energy/environmental crisis, HIV and so on. And these are part of Paradigm Shift. We should not take care separately, but should take care as a grand challenge as whole.

After this Paradigm Shift, we are sure moving in more deep understanding what is human being, science, ecology, and democracy. That is the reason, why we call it as the era of Great Leap Forward. However, in history, there are always innovators and laggards.

This time, we should not produce laggards, because these are sources for potential terrorists and so on.

Here, we should have to work on what are conditions for Phronimos, and what are best educative way for Phronimos Educations. This is a small step, but I hope this will give a great leap for the 21st century.

Book Title: Phronimos: The People Who Lead Innovation